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3/26 TBA DC/WB Series: Availability Check - Pedestrians / Patrons

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Good Afternoon!

You are receiving this email because you have previously stated that you were available to work with us on Tuesday - March 26th.

Some time has passed since you’ve submitted that info so we wanted to check with you again to see if you are STILL AVAILABLE or NOT AVAILABLE.

Please see the below details about the filming location and approx call time (you must be available 12hrs the whole day - no other commitment), and then please fill out the form below to let us know about your current availability!

*if for some reason you are already booked for 3/26 and have received this email we are sorry, we tried our best to make sure we took your name off this list but mistakes happen - you are sill booked so don’t freak out!

Thank YOU Always!

Location: Dallas, GA (30132)

Day Shoot or Split Call (Earlier Morning Call Time)



If you ARE AVAILABLE and interested in being used for this role - please upload ONE current photo of yourself!

If you are NOT AVAILABLE available please DO NOT upload a photo!

Availability *
Worked on "TBA DC/WB Before"
Have you previously worked on this production ?
Dallas, Ga *
Are you able to work in Dallas, GA (30132)?
Name *
Phone *
City , State
Color / Year / Make / Model - If you don't have a car you are willing to use on camera, please put N/A