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"STARGIRL" - INFO REQUEST: Cheerleading experience


Hi Again!

As you know - you are booked with us for our FOOTBALL scenes filming later this week (if you have not confirmed yet to the booking confirmation email that went out last night please do that as well)!

We need a few people to portray cheerleaders in these scenes, so please help us by filling out the form below to let us know if you have any previously cheerleading experiences (middle school, high school, college, local teams etc…) !

IF YES - we would love to know if you could possibly make it to a fitting today 6/11 in West Atlanta @ 4pm ?.

No worries if you do not have any past cheering experiences or if you do and are not selected - you are still going to work either way!

We are just checking with everyone! :)

*we will let you know ASAP if we want you to come in today!

Thank you for your time!!

Cheering Experience / Fitting Availability :


Name *
STG Repeat? *
Have you worked on this show before?
If you have any cheerleading experience please list it here. If you do not, please put N/A
Fitting Availability *
If you do have cheerleading experience, are you available to come in for a fitting today 6/11 in West Atlanta?
Phone *
Where are you Currently Located ?