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THUNDER FORCE // Availability Check // CORE Compound


We have you down for being part of our CORE Compound group - now we would like to check your upcoming availability for these exact dates on “Thunder Force” as it is time to book / confirm you!

There are several different Compound Groups

Based on your availability we will be casting you for a specific group that works on certain days!


  • 10/9 > through > 12/6

Please fill out the form below to let us know about your upcoming availability!

You MUST have a Form

Submission to be considered! >> no SELFIE


Availability *
Please select all of the dates below that you are AVAILABLE to work. Please note that there is an "AVAILABLE ALL DATES" option. Also PLEASE NOTE : none of these roles work all of these dates (some work up to 4-6max)
Fitting Availability *
Please CHECK OFF any and all dates that you would be available to come in for a fitting - you will only need to come in one time for a fitting !
Name *
Phone *
ONLY List your vehicle info if you are willing to use it on set upon request from production Color / Year / Make / Model
City , State