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Full Show Availability Check - "Jewell" - CORE Media Types

  • Atlanta, GA, United States (map)
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Hello “JEWELL” Core Community!

We are SO EXCITED to get started on our newest project “Jewell” and to have you with us!

“JEWELL” begins filming next week! It’s going to be a very special project and we are stoked to have you to be a part of it with us!

You have been selected as part of our “CORE MEDIA TYPES” group, so we would like to check your availability for the entire show’s current schedule of Media dates. *Like all projects, these dates may change slightly based on external circumstances..but we’ll keep you posted on any updates as we go!

For now, please fill out the form below to let us know which filming dates you are available to work. We want to use you as much as possible for continuity purposes.

Please HOLD YOUR AVAILABILITY and mark all of these dates on your calendar so you don’t forget any of them - a few of these dates are AUTOMATICALLY BOOKED DATES, as if you are available for them you are 100% AUTOMATICALLY BOOKED.

Thank You Once Again!

Role Fitting *
Have you already attended or are you currently signed up (with a date and time slot) for a fitting on this project?
Work Availability *
Select the dates below that you are AVAILABLE to work! We really need people that can work ALL DATES!!! Please note: there is an "AVAILABLE ALL DATES" option
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