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7/23 Availability ReCheck - JEWELL - Olympics Attendees

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Good Afternoon!

We are SO EXCITED that our epic Olympics Scenes are almost here!! At this time, we would like to re-check your availability to work on 7/23 with our smaller group of Olympics Attendees.

Please fill out the form below to let us know if you are still available to work on Tuesday July 23rd (in addition to all the other dates you are booked / confirmed for) - the 23rd is a DAY SHOOT to EARLIER EVENING / NOT OVERNIGHT.

We will reach out to you via TEXT to let you know if we will be booking you for this additional smaller date (7/23) as well! Please do not call or text us to ask if you are booked - we will make sure that you know if you are booked - please give us until Thursday EOD to get back to you, if you don’t hear back from us by Thursday EOD you are free from holding this date / not needed on 7/23!

Thank you!

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