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TBA Project - Size Request

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Good Evening!

The Costume Dept is requesting your sizes for the wardrobe they are providing you with for your Filming this Saturday - December 15th on the “TBA” Netflix Production!

Please fill out the form below ASAP so we can send them over to production.

We will know about the 20th date tomorrow - please keep it on hold still

The 21st is 100% off the schedule so you can cancel that date - no need to hold that date any longer as it has either moved to January or it maybe canceled!

Thank you for your cooperation - Production is SUPER EXCITED to have you as you have all been selected by the Directors and Producers :)

Name *
Ethnic Appearance *
Males - Jacket Size Females - Bra Size
If you have a tape measure and you can measure what your waist is around your belly button (that is awesome & ideal)
This is the Measurement of the type of length your pants are