I, Heather Taylor, have always had a passion for sharing all of my Fashion, Beauty and Life secrets. Most people don’t know that before I was in the TV / Film Industry, I was in the Fashion Industry in Miami & New York.

I’m always looking for new ways to fulfill my soul in everyday life. I will always be evolving and changing, it’s just my Pisces nature. So, now I want to share more about myself (the behind the scenes) with you, not just the Casting side. Although, it is casting per-say, as everything we do in our daily lives has been cast - wardrobe, beauty regiment, friends, real estate, and life choices - our life is really just one big Casting Call.

Taking great pride at finding the BEST deals and spots in any Town is what I thrive on. I’ve been wanting to do a Blog / Sharing place like this for a long long time…. Here it goes - I hope you enjoy!


“Just B Hair”

As a Client of this Salon for the last 5yrs I feel its necessary to give them a shout out. Here is a special promotion from Gregg below!

Gregg has taken my hair from the Shortest of Short angled haircuts to the Longest Most Luscious of Hair Extensions (every type of application imaginable), at an EXTREMELY GREAT FAIR PRICE, especially compared to all the other ATL Salons out there.

Feel like a Queen and Rock Out in your seat while you get pampered. Leave better looking then when you came in - if Gregg is too busy to help you, the other Stylists are also FAB.

BONUSES : They also do Makeup, Special Events, and there is a Wine / Champagne Shop next door!